Software Solutions

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Software Solutions

Good software makes your business easier to run. It also increases productivity and maximizes your business’ uptime.

Hi-Tech helps find the right software solutions for your business. Small businesses have different needs than medium-sized businesses, new businesses have different needs than established ones: no matter your business size, type, or experience, our team finds the ideal software to maximize your bottom line.

Our full software capabilities go beyond the list below. To find out more about our expansive abilities, contact one of our Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, or Peace River offices today. We offer service outside these regions as well, mainly to Calgary, Kamloops, and other regions. 

Hi-Tech employee uses business software on a corporate workstation with 6 monitors

Workplace Collaboration

Every workplace requires collaboration. Our services help structure useful and beneficial workplace collaboration. This gives you and your team the power to work together in real-time on ideas, developments, and initiatives. 

With fully integrated workplace collaboration, you become empowered to make quick decisions, approvals, and manage your team, without time-costing delays or barriers. 

From real-time chatting, document management, scheduling, and videoconferencing to SharePoint and other software solutions, Hi-Tech recommends and establishes workplace collaboration solutions for your business. 

Business Process Automation

Certain business processes can be automated to save you time. By executing business process automation, you control business costs and unload workloads. This creates a better workflow throughout your entire business. 

SharePoint Solutions 

SharePoint – a software solution developed by Microsoft – integrates a number of popular office applications including Windows Server, Exchange Server, and Office 360. 

This program streamlines team collaboration. With a flexible platform, this collaboration solution effectively relieves small-to-mid-sized businesses from high-operating costs and inefficient information sharing. 

If your team already uses SharePoint, our intelligent team provides expert advice on optimizing this platform for your business. For businesses who want a consultation to learn how SharePoint helps save working time, call our team today.

PaperCut – Document Management

Controlling your documents prevents wasted resources and ensures optimal use of your time. PaperCut is a print management software that allows business owners and managers to monitor print usage. Using this software grants you the ability to control how many documents can be printed to which printers and which employees can print in colour or double-sided. 

PaperCut is compatible with all our printers and copiers. In the fight for uptime, PaperCut is a truly versatile tool.