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Online & Offline Collaboration

Collaboration within organizations is critical. This sharing of information – when done in efficient, effective ways – can prevent delays and increase productivity.

For more traditional businesses where everyone works within the same four walls, Hi-Tech can create structures to drive collaboration and efficiency. For businesses that require remote employees, our technicians can streamline online collaborations with the latest technology, devices, and software.

Our online and offline collaboration includes workplace collaboration, business process automation, SharePoint solutions, cloud computing, hosted email, and hardware as a service.

Hi-Tech employee edits a document on a dual-screen computer in his office in Grande Prairie

Workplace Collaboration

Every workplace requires collaboration. Our services help structure useful and beneficial workplace collaboration. This gives you and your team the power to work together in real-time on ideas, developments, and initiatives.

With fully integrated workplace collaboration, you become empowered to make quick decisions, approvals, and manage your team, without time-costing delays or barriers.

From real-time chatting, document management, scheduling, and videoconferencing to SharePoint and other software solutions, Hi-Tech recommends and establishes workplace collaboration solutions for your business.

Business Process Automation

Certain business processes can be automated to save your uptime. By executing business process automation, you control business costs and unload workloads. This creates a better workflow throughout your entire business.

Staff member works on a 6-monitor computer workstation at desk

SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint – a software solution developed by Microsoft – integrates a number of popular office applications including Windows Server, Exchange Server, and Office 360.

This program streamlines team collaboration. With a flexible platform, this collaboration solution effectively relieves small-to-mid-sized businesses from high-operating costs and inefficient information sharing.

If your team already uses SharePoint, our intelligent team provides expert advice on optimizing this platform for your business. For businesses who want a consultation to learn how SharePoint helps save time, call our team today.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing secures the freedom of mobility for your employees and your business. By using cloud management software, you and your team can work and collaborate from anywhere. Built to be reliable and high-quality, cloud computing allows every business – no matter the size – access to the most effective computer hardware possible.

Cloud computing works by moving software and storage “off-site,” making your data accessible to you over the internet. By renting space on a remote server, cloud computing solutions save you from investing in a costly in-house server system.

For more information on cloud computing solutions and how they can benefit your business, give us a call today.

Hosted Email

The less you have to think about your emails, the better. Our experienced technicians provide reliable and flexible email hosting services for your entire company, guaranteeing you spend your workday working instead of worrying about emails.

Our techs set up and manage emails for businesses with one employee to businesses with thousands. With our diverse team of techs, your team is free of delays with setup and installation. It also means we safeguard your email accounts with the industry-leading anti-virus and spam protection.

In return, you save both time and money – and never have to sort through your spam again.

Hardware as a Service

Save yourself the cost of a server. With hardware as a service, we create virtual office environments. This service uses a remotely hosted server in a highly reliable data centre. This prevents small businesses from having to invest in expensive technology and upkeep while still using high-end technology to streamline your company.