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As a global leader in imaging and output technology services, Lexmark is a trusted brand recognized by companies in a variety of industries. For over a decade, Hi-Tech has been offering businesses with Lexmark solutions throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Our strategic partnership with Lexmark benefits these businesses by improving efficiency and offering cost-savings on all their printer needs..

The Lexmark Advantage

Choosing Managed Print Services on our Lexmark products streamlines your workflow so you can improve the bottom line of your business.

  • Overall savings on a cost-per-copy basis
  • Extended lifetime of your output devices (i.e. printers and copiers)
  • Consolidated printing and supply billing
  • Avoid device downtime through health reporting and preventative maintenance
  • Size optimization to ensure devices are not oversized or undersized for your application
  • Secure access and advanced network security features to guard against unauthorized access
  • Flexible options to purchase devices outside a Managed Print Services contract or through a Service Agreement

How the Fort Vermilion School Division Has Benefited from Lexmark Solutions

The Fort Vermilion School Division consists of 17 schools in the Fort Vermilion region. The region covers more than 87,000 square kilometers of land, equating to 12% of Alberta’s land mass. Hi-Tech offered a solution to optimize this particular school division’s printing and IT needs through Managed Print Services utilizing Lexmark devices.

The Problem

The Fort Vermilion School Division was previously using multiple brands of printers and multifunction peripheral (MFP) devices across their school division. Each school within the division was responsible for the repairs and technical support of their own devices. Overall, keeping track of supplies, repairs, and administrative costs was a nightmare for their IT team.

The Solution

Hi-Tech proposed to replace all the printers and desktop MFPs with 100 new Lexmark network print devices. Along with the printing, the included MFPs had built-in scanning and fax capabilities. The lower cost-per-copy solution was inclusive of the hardware, delivery, installation, toner, and service.

The Benefits

The Lexmark network print devices resulted in favourable results for the Fort Vermilion School Division, including:
  • Standardized fleet and print drivers across the school division
  • Reduced monthly print costs
  • Reduced number of print devices on site
  • Simplified billing by school enabling cost center allocation for the finance department
  • Ordering supplies from one vendor versus multiple vendors
  • More accurate tracking of device usage
  • Hands-off approach to servicing the print devices

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