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Office Technology

The ideal office technology benefits your business. Yet with all the available office technology, it’s hard to know what equipment and software will help or hinder your business.

Employ our experts to guide you through this process. We aim to first fully understand your business and industry needs and then suggest valuable office technology solutions to fulfill those needs.  To learn more about our full office technology capabilities and services in contact our professional team today.

Business laptop on retail display at Hi-Tech computer sales center in Grande Prairie

Computers & Laptops

Computers are vital to productivity. So buying the right computer is equally vital.

A good computer defends your bottom line, complimenting your workflow and increasing your overall productivity. The right computer also alleviates tech-related stress and perfectly fits your habits.

Hi-Tech’s experienced staff eases the process of finding the right computer, giving you peace of mind with your computer needs. To start this process, visit or call our office today.

Staff member uses multi-monitor business computer for work


We offer a wide variety of multipurpose displays. From computer monitors to digital displays for your customers, we provide options to fit your specific requirements and desires.

As with our computers and laptops, our displays can ease your workflow and create better productivity levels. And, like all our equipment, we offer both one-time and maintenance service programs to keep your hardware working for you, not against you.

To discuss options for your display needs, visit or call our office today.


Communication is key. Keep your communication systems easy to use and manage. From Voice-Over-IP and digital phone systems to video conferencing setups, we work closely with CCSI to guarantee the finest communication strategies to benefit your workflow.

For more information on CCSI service, visit their website or contact one of our team members today.


Long-term commitments don’t always make sense. For the times they don’t, we provide short-term rentals for our laptops and other pieces of equipment, including projectors, copiers, printers, and faxes.

As with all our computers, we always advise our clients on which laptop, copier, printer, or fax machine will perform best for your specific needs.

Find more information on our equipment rentals or call us to discuss your options.


Each individual business has specific office accessory needs. From paper shredders and laminators to laptop bags, toner, ink, and more, Hi-Tech is your one-stop office shop to fill all your business needs

For more information on our full stock of office and small business accessories, visit us in-store or contact a member of our capable team today.