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Office Printing

Every business is different. Having the right office printing equipment to fit your specific business is essential to preventing downtime. From printers, copiers, and multi-functional machines to office printing installation, maintenance, and repair, we offer a variety of options to fulfill your office printing needs.

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Close-up of Photocopier parts from a copier supplied by Hi-Tech in Grande Prairie

Printers, Copiers & Multi-Functional Machines

Your printers, copiers, and multi-functional machines should help your business move forward. We guide you to find the right printer, copier, and multi-functional machine to benefit your business and achieve your ideal workflow.

We have a variety of standard and wide-format printers, copiers, and other multi-functional machines, including those with fax capabilities. Finding the right machine for your business means matching the equipment’s abilities with your needs. Some of the main factors we consider when recommending your printer, copier, or multi-functional machine include:

  • Printing, scanning, copying, and faxing volume
  • Colour requirements
  • The type of documents to be printed, scanned, and copied
  • Organization size
  • And more

When you choose Hi-Tech, we take charge of these needs for you, letting you focus on running your business – without your printer, copier, or multi-functional machine getting in the way.

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Two staff load a photocopier rental unit onto a delivery van for a office equipment rental customer


Long-term commitments don’t always make sense. For the times they don’t, we provide short-term rentals for our laptops, projectors, copiers, printers, faxes, and other multi-functional machines.

Our team always starts with your business needs. Small and medium-sized businesses have specific needs with their rentals. Hiring Hi-Tech means these needs are always prioritized.

For more information on our equipment rentals, learn more here or call us to discuss your options.

Ink & Toner

Cost-effective toner and ink solutions aren’t a dream. With Hi-Tech, it’s reality.

When you purchase or lease a copier or printer from us, we’re able to monitor your toner levels so you know exactly when you need new ones. This saves you from timely trips across town when your least expecting them.

It also prevents you from buying too many – or too few – toner and ink cartridges. Since we’re able to monitor your usage, we also recommend more cost-effective purchasing options that perfectly fit your company.

Maintenance & Repairs

Our experienced team offers fast and easy fixes for your printers and copiers. Armed with an arsenal of common parts for all types of multi-functional machines, our team often troubleshoot the problem over the phone. This way they can begin fixing the problem the minute they arrive on site.

For all printer, copier, and multi-functional machine installations, our techs fully set up and test the equipment before they leave. Our techs also remove old equipment and dispose of each machine safely. This means once our team is finished, your team can get back to work.

Both one-time and monthly service options are available through our Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, Peace River, and La Crete offices. We structure our monthly maintenance programs to fit your specific business and industry. Whether that means recurring visits or unlimited service calls, we design a master maintenance program for your benefit.

For more information on our monthly maintenance programs, visit our webpage here or contact our team directly. If you require one-time service for your printer, copier, or multi-functional machine, contact our team here.

An employee tests a photocopier with a color and pattern test sheet to ensure its working properly

Managed Print – PaperCut

Controlling your documents prevents wasted resources and ensures optimal uptime. PaperCut is a print management software that allows business owners and managers to monitor print usage. Using this software grants you the ability to control how many documents can be printed to which printers and which employees can print in colour or double-sided.

PaperCut is compatible with all our printers and copiers. In the fight for useful time, PaperCut is a truly versatile tool.

Learn more about document management by contacting us here.