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Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals

Occasionally, a long-term commitment just doesn’t make sense. Temporary offices, construction sites, office relocations, and special events all require equipment for short-term use.

At Hi-Tech, we offer photocopiers, printers, data projectors, laptops, computers, and fax machines all for rental. A cost-effective solution, these pieces of equipment also give you a better sense of what you need when it comes time for a more permanent commitment.

Our staff guides you through the rental process, ensuring you get the right laptops, computers, printers, and photocopiers for your project. If you need data projectors or fax machines, we’ll ensure they’re fully functional and running efficiently.

We can also deliver equipment to our clients, whether they’re in Grande Prairie, Peace River, Dawson Creek, or in one of the surrounding communities. We even have several clients in Calgary and Kamloops.