Why you shouldn’t buy a copier or MFP at discount stores!

August 19, 2019

Big office supply stores are notorious for running eye-catching deals and the reason they are so successful at it is simple. Because consumers fall for it!

Colour printer $69.99! Seems like a bargain, right?

Many people would think that this is a great deal and that they are saving money by buying this. Traditionally, there is no contract, no dealer, and no hassle in and out in just a couple of minutes. Seems easy enough. Maybe not.

The typical monthly usage of a printer is 500 pages per month. Most businesses do more than that and many consumers don’t. Often times, within a matter of weeks after purchasing a cheap printer like this, a consumer receives the familiar pop up message telling them that the cartridge is running low.

Color prints will cost approximately 20c to 30c per page. Black and white are usually less.

With the average user printing 500 copies a month that would total $125 a month or $1500 a year! That cost only factors in the ink, not the replacement of parts. Tech support with the bargain stores is nearly non-existent. It may even be possible to bring the printer in for a look with someone who may or may not know how to fix the issue. That’s where the biggest difference lies between the discount stores and other options.

OH MY!! Where are the super savings now?

What about durability? How long will that bargain printer or copier last? Pricing almost always reflect the durability of a product, especially when it comes to technology. Sometimes the bargain stores have less durable products at lower prices, which will require replacement sooner than expected. Not a bargain anymore?

THE BIGGEST GIMMICK! Manufacturers know what the issues with these printers are and so the stores that sell them. They attract consumers with bargain pricing but little do consumers know that these machines are build to devour consumables. This is especially true when it comes to products that uses ink.

REAL colour copiers, printers or MFP’s from an authorized dealer last a minimum of five years and are backed up by warrantees and most importantly, service agreements by trained industry professionals.

At Hi-Tech business systems your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We work hard to bring you reliable top-quality products and service. We help your business by getting it what it needs.