Maximizing Network Security with Cisco Meraki: Key Strategies for Small Businesses

February 26, 2024

Small Canadian businesses face many cyber threats that can harm their data and reputation and jeopardize their financial stability. The need for reliable network security solutions is now more urgent than ever before. This is where Cisco Meraki enters the game. It is a cloud-based system that lets you manage your network devices and services from one place while keeping your network safe from cybercriminals.


Read on to learn how Cisco Meraki can help you secure your network in different ways. You will also see how our clients have improved their network security with Cisco Meraki.

Protect Your Network with Cisco Meraki MX

A firewall is a tool that keeps your network safe from bad traffic. But not all firewalls are good enough.

Cisco Meraki MX is a smart device that does more than a standard firewall. It can stop bad traffic, like viruses and hackers, from reaching your network. It can also filter and speed up your network traffic and let you use VPN and other services.

Cisco Meraki MX provides visibility into and control over network security from any location. An easy-to-use dashboard helps monitor devices, network traffic, applications, users, and security threats. Network policies and configurations for various sites, devices, and users can be adjusted in a snap.

Make Your Wireless Network Safe with Cisco Meraki MR

Wireless networks let you work and connect from anywhere. But they can also be risky because of bad devices, weak passwords, and hackers. You need a wireless network that is fast, strong, and secure.


Cisco Meraki MR is a smart device that gives you wireless internet. It uses the newest Wi-Fi technology and has features that make your wireless network faster and better. It also has the best Wi-Fi security and can stop bad devices and hackers from getting into your network.

Keep Your Endpoints Safe with Cisco Meraki Systems Manager

Endpoints like laptops, phones, and IoT devices connect to your network. They can be hacked, lost, or used for bad things. So, you need a solution to see, control, and protect your endpoints.


Cisco Meraki Systems Manager is a cloud-based service that lets you manage and secure your endpoints from one place. It can enroll, update, and check your endpoints, no matter what they are, where they are, or how they connect. It can also set security rules and settings, like passwords, encryption, VPN, antivirus, and firewall, on your endpoints. If lost or stolen, it can lock, erase, or find your endpoints.


Cisco Meraki Systems Manager enables endpoint monitoring and auditing from the dashboard. Endpoint status, location, settings, applications, data on them, and network activity and security events can be checked. Reports and alerts can be made, and problems can be fixed from the dashboard.

Watch Your Premises with Cisco Meraki MV

Network security also means keeping your premises safe from bad people and things. You need to see and record what happens in your office and have proof if something goes wrong. You need a good, reliable, and smart video camera.

Cisco Meraki MV is a cloud-based camera that uses smart technology to do motion detection, object detection, people counting, and heat maps without needing extra devices or software. Cisco Meraki MV also keeps the video on the camera, so you don’t need other devices or software to store it.

Cisco Meraki MV offers video-watching from the Meraki dashboard. Live and past video from the cameras, the data and insights from the video, and the security events and alerts can be seen. Camera settings and rules can be changed from the dashboard, such as video quality, duration, and access.

Keep Your Cloud Data Safe with Cisco Meraki Insight Cloud computing lets you use and store your data and apps online. However, cloud computing can also be risky because of hackers, service problems, and network issues. You need a solution to see, fix, and improve your cloud services.

Cisco Meraki Insight is a cloud-based service that helps you watch and boost your cloud apps. It can monitor your network’s speed, quality, and capacity. It can also find and solve network problems like ISP, WAN, or setting errors.

With Cisco Meraki Insight, you can also manage and improve your cloud app usage from the dashboard. You can see how your cloud apps are doing, how much network traffic and bandwidth they use, and how your users and devices use them. You can also make and apply network rules and settings, like QoS, firewall, and VPN, to make your cloud apps work better and safer.

Secure Your Network with Cisco Meraki Support Network security must always be checked, fixed, and improved. Cisco Meraki Support is a solution that offers help and advice anytime it is needed.

Cisco Meraki Support is a complete and fast service that makes using Cisco Meraki products and services a breeze. Cisco Meraki Support gives access to a team of experts who can help with any technical problems, questions, or requests. Cisco Meraki Support also gives regular updates, upgrades, and patches to ensure the network is always new and safe.

The Meraki Community is an online place where Cisco Meraki users and experts can share feedback, ideas, and tips. The Meraki Documentation is a big and searchable resource with detailed information and instructions on using and fixing Cisco Meraki products and services.

Small businesses need network security, but it can be hard and expensive. Cisco Meraki makes securing your network easy, affordable, and safe. It has a solution that covers everything in your network. Cisco Meraki also gives a dashboard to control network security from anywhere, anytime.

At Hi-Tech Business Systems, we are happy to work with Cisco Meraki, and we have helped many small businesses gain network security with Cisco Meraki. Contact us if you want to know more about Cisco Meraki