Giving Back To Nature — A Corporate Responsibility

Every person and corporate company should be accountable for their ecological footprint. The sad truth is that while every single person on earth has a role to play in the sustainability of earth’s natural resources, most choose to ignore it.

How we feel about this?

Hi-Tech business systems feel strongly about returning borrowed resources to the earth for future generations. For this reason, we have joined the PrintReleaf initiative that has a verified reforestation process and guarantees the net survival of the trees that are being planted.

This is how it works!

PrintReleaf measures our client’s footprints based on cumulative printing through market leading integrated software applications. Normally customers would choose to be part of this project and pay a small amount per print thus funding planting of new trees, but Hi-Tech Business Systems have been fitting the bill on behalf of our customers since 2015.

For every 8,333 papers printed, 1 tree will be planted and PrintReleaf guarantees 100% net survival of the trees that we plant. We have chosen 7 reforestation sites worldwide as part of our contribution.

Since joining in 2015, Hi-Tech’s customers have had 45,175,688 pages offset and 5421 trees have been reforested in areas Hi-Tech has chosen to be part of. So far this year, 387 trees have been planted on behalf of Hi-Tech and our customers!

While humans are far ways to restoring what has been taken from earth, we at Hi-Tech are trying to realize our corporate responsibility, one print at a time. And without our customers even knowing it, they are too!

You can become part of this reforestation project by using managed printing from Hi-Tech Business Systems.

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