Wes Bray

1. How long have you worked at Hi-Tech?

Just over a year, but feels like much longer (in a good way!)

2. What is your favourite food?

Indian food, just like every other British person I know. The spicier the better! Or Marmite. But you’ll have to Google that one.

 3.What sets Hi-Tech apart from other businesses?

The feeling that you’re not just an employee. You really do feel like you are part of a family working together.

4. Where is your favourite place in the entire world?

Other than Hi-Tech (obviously), it would have to be Bruges, for the architecture, food and beer!

5. What is your funniest memory from your time here at Hi-Tech?

It seems like every day here has its funny moments, which is rare in most jobs!  Everyone else would probably say that my personal funniest moments would be me trying to pronounce certain words…the words ‘Pauline’, ‘three’ and ‘macchiato’ apparently sound a little different when I say them…

The Hi-Tech Family

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