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Reactive Response & PC Repair

Reactive Response & PC Repair Services

When equipment goes down (and eventually at some point it will), the only thing you want is for it to be back up and running. Having employees twiddle their thumbs is costly and disruptive.

Hi-Tech can provide priority on-site support & repair services to ensure that when things break, they can be fixed quickly and reliably. Combine this with our Managed IT and Disaster Recovery Planning services, and you’ll have a powerful solution that minimizes your downtime and maximizes profits.

Service Desk

Service Desk

Do you hate answering calls about lost passwords, or being asked questions about how to do this or that in an email program? What if we told you that you could send those calls straight to us?

If you’re not a tech, you don’t have to be. Hi-Tech can become your in-house helpdesk, just like as if they were a department in your office. We streamline the entire process so that it’s seamless.  Employees can call to get their questions answered, and our friendly and experienced service technicians will guide them through all of their problems - saving you time, money and headaches - and ensuring the employees can stay productive and on-task.

On-Site IT

On-Site IT Services

Some problems need hands-on solutions, and Hi-Tech is ready to come to you. Whether you need on-call support or regularly scheduled visits for maintenance, Hi-Tech has a solution for you.

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