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Network Analysis & Planning

Network Analysis & Planning

A crucial first step to finding the right solution to your needs is getting a detailed assessment of your current network and everything connected to it. This gives us a snapshot of where your company is at now, so we can figure out where it needs to go.

During this process, we’ll  start with a thorough on-siteassessment of your network, wiring, computer systems, software, phones and everything else. This gives us a complete picture of how everything fits together and where there are gaps and bottlenecks that may be slowing you down.

Not only will this help us solve the problems you originally came to us with, but we often uncover hidden problems you didn’t know about, or potentially dangerous situations which could spell disaster down the road.

Once we complete our analysis, we can create a detailed proposal with phases for upgrading, repairing and replacing your network so your business can run in tip-top shape.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling Services

If you have a closet in your business that looks like this, you will definitely benefit from our help. But don’t feel embarrassed - this kind of thing is much more common than you think. Many of our customers have come to us with similar closets!

“Structured CablingServices” is just a fancy term for well organized, well planned wiring for your network & communication systems. We’ll take control of the tangled jungle of wires in your office and turn it into something you’ll be proud to show off to your clients (OK, maybe not, but it does look pretty good to geeks - and building inspectors.)

But aside from being neat and tidy, there are many benefits to a well organized, well planned wiring scheme:

  • Safety: A tidy network is a safe network. Bad cabling can violate fire and building codes, and become a potential fire, tripping or data safety hazard. It may also violate the terms of your lease, creating an unnecessary and costly liability for your business.
  • Performance: Structured cabling is based on best practices in how to connect equipment to maximize performance and reduce problems. A well designed network is a fast one that scales with your business needs.
  • Maintainability: Tidy networks are easier to maintain. Fixing problems or upgrading becomes an efficient process, saving you time and money. Messy wiring can lead to further disaster when an unsuspecting technician accidentally pulls a tangled cord out of a socket without knowing it.
  • Reliability: Well organized wiring leads to smoothly running equipment. Many network failures can be attributed to faulty wiring and connections which are much easier to test and repair when things are neat and well organized.

Equipment Assessment & Sales

Equipment Assessment & Sales

We can provide all of the hardware, software and equipment your solution needs to become successful. Our staff love technology and stay up to date with the latest and greatest things in the industry. But we’re not blind either - just because something is new doesn't mean it’s the best. Sometimes a proven, tested and reliable system from last year is a better solution than the latest tech fad.

But regardless of how we help you, we make one promise: We’ll never sell you something you don’t actually need. In fact we don’t “sell” at all. We help our customers solve their problems. And if the solution is inexpensive and simple, then that’s what we’ll present. We’re here to solve problems and give honest advice - not hock product.

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