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IT Assessment & Planning

IT Assessment & Planning Services

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. One of the biggest reasons networks and computers become frustrating and unmanageable is lack of planning. By setting up (or rebuilding) your IT infrastructure with the future in mind, you can minimize your downtime and maximize your peace of mind. A little planning goes a long way in this area.

Hi-Tech's certified and experienced technicians can help you create a plan for your technology infrastructure that works today and will grow with your business tomorrow. We'll look for solutions that are appropriate for your needs and fit within your budget.

And no matter what you’re doing with us, one thing you can be sure of is we won’t confuse you with useless jargon and a condescending attitude. We understand that you’re not hiring us because you like networks, you’re hiring us because you have a business to grow. So everything we present will be focused on business results and value. And if we can’t find  the value of what we’re proposing, it’s probably not worth doing - and we’ll tell you that too.

Managed IT Solutions

Managed IT Solutions

We can go much further than just planning and deploying your network. We can keep it running in tip-top shape too - without getting in your way.

Our managed IT services are designed to give you Peace of Mind and one-stop service for all of your ongoing IT needs. We’ll monitor your IT systems and deploy help where needed, proactively stop problems before they happen, and anticipate where your infrastructure needs growth. This way, you can focus on growing your business and know you’re IT is one thing you DON’T have to worry about.

Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

Our service & experience goes beyond any one particular product or area. We’re geeks at heart, and love to help our customers overcome any kind of technical challenge - whether it’s big or small. So if you have a problem that’s been keeping you up at night, or an idea to streamline your business using technology, give us a call. Chances are we can help you vet your idea or come up with a solution that works.

And don’t be afraid to call if you feel uncomfortable with technology. Many of our customers really want nothing to do with technology personally - they just want things to work. And that’s exactly what so many of our customers love about working with us. We don’t force them to become IT experts… after all, that’s our job. You focus on the end result, we’ll do the technical stuff.

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