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VoIP Phone Systems

Voice-over-IP Phone Solutions

Voice over IP, or VoIP, is a technology designed to increase the flexibility and reduce the cost of your phone systems. Because it works over your existing computer network, it requires no extra phone lines or jacks, and makes expansion as easy as plugging in a new device. Your new employee can have an extension within minutes - not days or weeks.

Because most of VoIP’s features are software-based, adding features or changing how things work is as easy as clicking a button or two. There are no hard-to-find expansion cards or costly system upgrades required to take advantage of the latest communication tools. From voice mailboxes, to automated menu prompts, and even office-to-office videoconferencing, VoIP can do it better, faster and for less money.

Future upgrades are also a breeze. Many upgrades are also software-based - simply download an update from the manufacturer and viola. Or have Hi-Tech do all of this for you with our Managed IT Services and ongoing tech support.

If you’re wondering how to get the most of your phone system, call Hi-Tech for a no-obligation assessment. We’ll show you the value that VoIP can bring to your business.

Digital Phone Systems

Phone System Solutions

In addition to VoIP services, Hi-Tech provides a full-service digital phone system installation, service and support. Whether you’re looking to fix a problem with your system, add more extensions, or replace it entirely, you’ve got one place to call.


Video Conferencing Solutions

A picture is worth a thousand words. Being able to see the people you’re interacting with in real-time can improve productivity, reduce miscommunication, and boost team relationships and morale.

Videoconferencing is also a must-have for businesses that sell abroad. Whether you use Skype, WebEx, or other technologies, a proper setup can ensure that your sales message gets across to your clients in a clear way.

Hi-Tech is your first stop for video conferencing solutions of any size. Whether you need a videoconferencing room for remote sales, or to bridge two remote offices, we’ve got the experience and resources to make it happen.

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